2022 Year End Party

By Bok Bar (other events)

Thursday, December 15 2022 6:00 PM 10:00 PM EST

OMG, we are like, totally buggin’ to host you at the Bok Year End Party on Thursday, December 15th from 6-10pm! Before we cut for holiday break, we invite you to lean into the Bok High School aesthetic and celebrate the class of 2022 with all your favorite tenants and building mates! 

Show off your high school clique by dressing the part! Are you more of a Lindsey Weir from Freaks and Geeks, a lover of puffy sleeves like Napoleon Dynamite, got some combat boots like Spinelli from Recess (or Heath Ledger)? Dust off that plaid skirt and join us! 

Just don't be a Ferris and skip this day! 

Bok tenants and folks who work in the building ONLY, y'all. Be prepared to drop your name and space number when checking-in and be sure to have your email confirmation handy.

Don't forget to bring a dessert! We will have a communal table to share your favorite seasonal treats with fellow Bok sweeties.